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INDUSTRYBay is the most innovative
web-based strategic marketing
platform for growth-oriented
industrial companies.


Improve search engine visibility to increase brand awareness and market share with measurable ROI. Help potential customers find you when they search for your products and services.


Leverage best-in-class marketing tools including HubSpot and LinkedIn Sales Navigator to capture leads and drive sales. Share your products and services with prospects and customers alike.


Create an online store that enables customers worldwide to add products to cart or request a quote 24/7. Generate quotes and convert approved quotes into orders within minutes.

Featured Products

Accelerate your sales with our affordable, turnkey and state of the art online stores. Check out featured products from industrial companies that saved a lot of time and expense selling on INDUSTRYBay.

Gain access to best in class sales and marketing tools for eCommerce, traffic generation and marketing campaigns

Customer Success Story

Customer Success Story

When INDUSTRYBay’s founders and CMTC implemented a web-based strategic marketing solution at Western Hydrostatics, the results proved thrilling to Western Hydrostatics´ Founder and President, Starke Scott. The sales increases came largely from Western Hydrostatics’ inside sales team responding to quote requests generated via their website. INDUSTRYBay’s SEO experts increased organic website traffic by 434% in year one and increased overall sales by $450,000 during the same time frame, representing a 30% sales increase in the company´s resale division and a 7.5% increase in sales overall.

Customer Relations

Free Technical Support

Customers experiencing issues with the INDUSTRYBay platform can create a support ticket by simply emailing or using our live chat-to-ticket system. A member of our technical support team will respond within one business day.

Account Management

Customer Success Managers (CSMs) immerse themselves in your business goals. Although scheduled monthly meetings include a comprehensive performance review, customers can reach out to their CSM any time they have questions, concerns or issues.

Marketing Strategy

Experienced marketing professionals, who provide specific, measurable and timely strategic marketing advice, help INDUSTRYBay customers learn how to generate new leads, accelerate sales and grow their businesses both effectively and efficiently.

Frequently asked questions

Yes, INDUSTRYBay is a marketing technology platform that excels at driving qualified traffic to industrial websites and converting buyers to leads. We help manufacturers and distributors to grow their businesses through more effective lead generation. Our team will work with you to develop a lead-generation solution that is tailored to your exact requirements. You can rely on INDUSTRYBay to position your company in front of buyers from the specific industries and companies you wish to target who meet your criteria and are ready to do business.

INDUSTRYBay customizes web-based strategic marketing solutions for industrial companies based on their business goals. Your marketing plan can be as small or comprehensive as you wish. While our industrial digital marketing services start at $500 a month, we have customers who spend as much as $15,000 a month. A Customer Success Manager will utilize a Discovery Call and your answers to an Assessment Questionnaire to determine pricing that is appropriate for you. The INDUSTRYBay team has decades of experience developing cost-effective marketing plans that generate a positive return on investment. We are committed to creating a plan that meets your goals and fits your budget.

INDUSTRYBay´s Customer Success team works closely with customers to determine their marketing return on investment (MROI). At the start of every new engagement, we work with you to determine the key performance indicators or metrics to track. Our industrial digital marketing team takes the guesswork out of calculating ROI. We utilize monthly performance reviews to present customers with marketing campaign performance data obtained from analytical tools and their sales reports. Your Customer Success Manager will ensure that you always have a clear picture of your company´s industrial digital marketing performance.

INDUSTRYBay works with manufacturers and distributors of all sizes from a wide range of industries including but not limited to transportation, fast moving consumer goods, electronics, paper, printing, industrial equipment, industrial chemicals, furniture and fixtures, building materials, fashion, sporting goods, household goods, and original equipment manufacturers.

When you join our technology marketing platform, a Customer Success Manager will be assigned to your company. He or she will request the necessary information to immerse himself or herself in your business and to understand your business goals. Your Customer Success Manager will present the key stakeholders in your organization with a comprehensive action plan and determine the appropriate key performance indicators against which to benchmark the ongoing performance of your web-based strategic marketing. During monthly performance reviews, your Customer Success Manager will detail how your marketing campaigns are performing, identify opportunities for continuous improvement and answer your questions.


Use our flexible and scalable industrial growth marketing platform to sell more parts, products and services.
Driving exponential growth is the INDUSTRYBay way.